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Powerful open source Spreadsheet class for Borland C++/Builder

Full stock of cell formatting, editing, locking/validation features. Clipboard, search/replace, multiformat read/write support. Printing and print preview.

Download demo application (Russian, 56 Kb)
Download TCellSheet source code (140 Kb)
Download current CVS tree

Package includes the collection of over a dozen core and interface classes implementing all major spreadsheet features:

This component was written back in 1995 as a part of a major project targeted at then newly emerging Win'95 platform and using OWL and Borland C++ 4. For various reason the project was not completely implemented and the spreadsheet component as such was not marketed.

At present I consider it as legacy beta-release. Yet the codebase is fully functional and self-consistent. Recently I recompiled it on Borland C++ 5.02 with ObjectWindows 5.0.

The apparent drawback is that the code is not properly documented with lots Russian comments. You may contact me for advise.

© 1996, 2001 Boris Zinchenko